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Look at other employment opportunities in the financial services industry, but DO NOT miss this one. If you are considering entering the financial services industry, or are not planning to stay where you are for the rest of your career, LET`S TALK. Our firm has what you should be looking for. We don`t need you to sign a "non-compete" agreement. You will be treated as you should be and you will not want to leave! You will be building your own business that you will own, and you will not be a "captive representative" like many of your peers are at many other firms yet you will have a full range of fringe benefits, including group health insurance and a 401(k) just like they do! This is an opportunity to own your book of business!

Our office, located at 3601 N. Lake Harbor Lane in Boise, Idaho, is a new, "state of the art" office complete with seminar facilities and power-point presentations available for your use to provide seminars or meetings for up to twenty-four of your clients or prospects at a time. Stop by and see us!

Clients depend on you as a registered representative for guidance through the maze of financial products and services, but who can you depend on?

The answer is Financial Planning Services, LLC! Our broker-dealer is The O.N. Equity Sales Company (ONESCO), Member FINRA/SIPC, and our insurance affiliate is Ohio National Financial Services (products issued by The Ohio National Life Insurance Company and Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation). In one complete package, you will have:

  • A family of companies.
  • A broad range of products and services.
  • High quality, proactive service.
  • Technology to help build your business.

Investment Products and Services

To remain competitive in today`s rapidly changing marketplace, registered representatives must have access to a broad range of quality products and services. At Financial Planning Services, LLC and ONESCO, providing quality products and services is our focus.

Proprietary Variable Life and Annuities

A highly competitive line of variable annuity and variable universal life products is available to ONESCO registered representatives through the insurance company affiliates of Ohio National Financial Services. Not only are these products competitive in the industry, but ONESCO does not take a portion of the payable commission.
For a prospectus, contact your financial advisor.

Non-Proprietary Variable Life and Annuities

When you have an existing book of business that needs servicing or when you have situations that call for an alternative product, a broad selection of variable life and annuity products from non Ohio National companies is available to meet your client`s needs through selling agreements with ONESCO.
For a prospectus, contact your financial advisor.

Mutual Funds

With more than 90 mutual fund family selling agreements, you will be sure to find a mutual fund that meets your client`s needs. Strategic partnerships with select fund families offer you a higher level of service and support than may be obtained elsewhere.
For a prospectus, contact your financial advisor.

Direct Participation Programs

If you have clients that can use the benefits of tax shelters, ONESCO provides limited partnerships in the categories of real estate, oil and gas, leasing, and tax credit. Through ONESCO, all partnerships are examined by an outside service for due diligence.
For a prospectus, contact your financial advisor.

Unit Investment Trusts

You will have a select list of unit investment trusts for customers desiring to invest in special situations for a specified period. Current UIT offerings are available through First Trust/Nike Securities, Kemper, Nuveen, Ranson, and Van Kampen Merritt.
For a prospectus, contact your financial advisor.

Managed Account Programs

Real and institutional turnkey, fee-based programs are an excellent complement to any rep’s transaction-based activities. The current programs allow clients to choose from 13 institutional portfolio managers and 27 investment options as well as a pre-screened list of 100 no-load mutual funds.

Pershing Affiliation

ONESCO`s dedicated trading staff provides high quality execution on trades through the Pershing Division of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corporation, ONESCO`s New York Stock Exchange member clearing correspondent. Securities held in Pershing`s custody are protected by the SIPC and private insurance of up to a total of $75 million per account.

Pershing also provides numerous other services to ONESCO registered reps and their clients, including:

  • Equities, Fixed-Income Securities and C.D.`s
  • Margin Accounts
  • Pershing Consolidated Statements

Need More Reasons to Talk To Us?

Financial Planning Services, LLC knows that in today`s fast paced environment, technology can put you ahead of the game by allowing you to do your job in a more efficient manner. That`s why we are committed to providing the latest in technological advancements. These services are available at no cost or at a discounted cost to ONESCO`s registered reps.


With the comprehensive ON-Net website, you’re able to conduct business more efficiently and effectively, increasing your productivity, profitability and worth to your client. ON-Net offers easy access to in-force and pending insurance policies, variable and non-variable annuities as well as life product information. Imagine being in your client`s home or office and having this information available-twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Pershing Net Exchange Pro

Pershing Net Exchange Pro provides a link from your computer into the Pershing system. You can view your client`s Pershing accounts, monitor the status of pending transactions, enter buy and sell transactions, and project the cash flow generated by securities in your client`s account. Net Exchange Pro offers the services of Pershing On-Line and more. Browse client accounts and execute client trades in seconds. Access real-time quotes, news and research, and download Pershing administrative forms directly to your PC through this Internet-based account management system.

Need more reasons to talk to us?

LET`S TALK! You may visit Financial Planning Services, LLC web site at, or call Stan Mock, CFP at (208) 853-4600. Our address is 3601 N. Lake Harbor Ln. Boise, Idaho 83703. Call for an appointment-your career will be worth the investment! If you prefer, Stan`s e-mail address is